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Preschool shows in Columbia, Ellicott City, Baltimore, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC

Preschool Shows

Eric Energy Science Shows for Kids

Eric Energy offers in-school preschool science birthday parties in Baltimore, Washington, Columbia, Ellicott City, Silver Spring, Baltimore County, and Laurel.

Bring our HIGH ENERGY SCIENCE ENTERTAINERS to your following preschool, elementary school, and unique birthday party.

Science should be fun to learn.

Engaging students in science content requires educators to help students see themselves as scientists. There is an increasing need for scientists, engineers, and innovators. America’s future depends on educators using hands-on and mind-on activities to make science interesting, engaging and inspiring.

Science also involves a lot of communication with other people and develops patience and perseverance in children. Finding answers to their countless “why” questions pushes children to research and form their own opinions instead of taking others for granted.


  • Kids Science Show parties in Ellicott City, Columbia, Baltimore, Washington, DC.

Interactive SCIENCE FUN

"What a great show! Our families, teachers, and best of all our children loved your program. I loved how you got every child involved in our show. The children learn a lot and had a great time. Thank you again!"

Gretchen McGee - Kindergarten teacher at Lutherville Lab