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Check Out Eric Krupkin’s Story By Voyage Baltimore

Check Out Eric Krupkin’s Story

Article by Voyage Baltimore

Hi Eric, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.

Back in elementary school, I remember the joy and excitement from hearing over the loudspeaker, “Today there will be an assembly!” I loved watching shows, presentations, and performances of all kinds. I am the son of two fabulous teachers and learned how to engage children early by watching them. My father is a singer/songwriter, and I enjoyed watching him prepare and perform live. In my classes, I was always excited about the “Wow” factor of science experiments and demonstrations. I have great memories of a few memorable teachers that impressed me with their enthusiastic methods.

As I got older, I found opportunities to be that entertaining teacher or role model for groups of children. I worked as a camp counselor during summers and as a religious schoolteacher. I attended college at SUNY Albany and majored in Communications and Business. Looking for a fun and rewarding career, I moved to South Florida where I interviewed with several companies. I came upon an ad for Entertainer/Instructor. I went to a group interview where I watched a video of someone doing a science assembly at an elementary school. I felt that joy again. It was love at first sight. I was hired and was taught how to do those assemblies as well as parties and science workshops. I moved on and was hired to be a retail manager at a toy store chain. They had a stage in their store for shows about their products. I was using my skills to engage children and parents as well as developing my skills in management, advertising, and customer service. Meanwhile, I didn’t get the same feeling I did when I was constantly performing. That’s when Eric Energy was born. I felt that I could continue to do science shows on my own with different topics. I began advertising in the local parenting magazine and did shows in my spare time. I made an impression with the toy store and in 2001, I was transferred to their number one store which was in Maryland. I quickly realized that this area had several opportunities for Eric Energy and resumed performing.

Social media and Google are incredible for my business. I give my best effort at every show. Even after all this time, I’m still excited every time I get to perform. Kids really appreciate my silliness and excitement. Teachers and parents really appreciate my ability to engage and educate. Now, my reach has increased exponentially, and people are sponsoring me to travel to faraway places. I certainly have found my niche and discovered who I am. I feel blessed that I am able to do what I love and get paid for it. I promise to continue to spread the smiles and the love of science.

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